I n t e r c o n t i n e n t a l   D a n c e   M u s i c

Flame blossomed into the night sky, sparks scurrying among the stars. It was a cool night in a calm central valley town named Winters. It had been the first night the band had played out together. Near the bonfire, the band stood watching the fire. The temperature was building that summer and the group needed a new name. They soon found one.

This site documents part of the story of that band, from its launch and fiery arc across one little corner of the sky, to its final scattering into glittering firework tendrils that sparked new displays, in new directions. We hope this serves to acknowledge the many who were touched by the group during its life, and the many who touched us in return.


Basho Fujimoto
(vocals, percussion)

Diane Patterson
(vocals, guitar)

Mark Oi

Josh Miller

Wendell Fishman
(keyboards, vocals)

Dave Biegel

Sean Feder
(percussion, vocals)

Vincent Robinson


Winters, 1989
Private Party

Freeborn Hall, 1989
Open for the Untouchables

TKA Fraternity

Plus about 20 more entries....

Guests & Friends

Mark Inouye

Rick Montgomery
(Steel Pan)

Warren Jones
(percussion, grace)

Eric Everett
(percussion, smooveness)

Lee Walthal
(jokes, bass)

Katy (Huang) xxx

Yacine Kouyate
(mystic guitars)

Aaron DeRuntz
(contracts, cheese)

Al xxx
(percussion madness)

Scarlett xxx
(soccer balls, athletic support)



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Let Go

Slow Down


Redefine History

Roll Over


Tell Me


People Power

Produced by: Herschel Yatovitz & the Heat



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